So here it is, my only title available Harry of Crack. It’s available as a Kindle download as well or you can find it at Smashwords. I’m a work in progress and so is my book for now.

Harry of Crack

My NaNoWriMo Novella

Harry Noble had big plans for after graduating from university – plans that included his girlfriend, a job, a car that was more metal than rust – but life had other plans for him.

Forced to return home to live in the small village of Crack-on-Vyrnwy in Wales, Harry’s girlfriend won’t return his calls, he can’t find a job, and his car is dead. Adding to his woes are his mother who’s decided she’s not as old as she’s been acting and his sister who’s dyed her hair pink and covered his bedroom in Harry Potter posters in his absence.

Harry needs to get his life in order and he needs to do it now! After being knighted by King Sully of Crack, Harry sets out on a quest to find himself, love, and hopefully a job.


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