What Kind of Author Am I?

That’s a good question. That’s also the first assignment from my blogging class. The Road to Success Part One – What Kind of Author Are You blog post from Kristen Lamb asks the same question (it says so right there in the title, see?). So what kind am I?

Well, that’s kind of complicated. My only published book over here is what some would consider a Young Adult book. It’s about an early twenty-something trying to get his start in the world. Am I a Young Adult author? I don’t think so. Why? You should have seen the things I edited out before I settled on the final draft you can purchase for your Kindle, Sony, Nook, iPad, whatever. Parents do not want their little angels exposed to what rolls out of my mind when I take the pin out of the flood gate.

I took a stab at romance. I can’t finish one.

I took a bigger stab at erotica. It sold, but not enough to earn my $10 minimum at Amazon. I tell myself it’s the price point, but if I’m honest it’s that I wasn’t comfortable with the end product and it came through in the prose.

I’m only humorous when I’m angry or making fun of myself.

I get bored reading anything that could be labelled literature therefore I don’t see myself being able to stay awake long enough to write something literary.

I’ve tried writing mystery and crime. I get tripped up in the details. (*note to self – finish reading that book about outlining and plot)

I want to be a romance writer. I like happily ever afters. I like pretending I’m taller, slimmer, have a better job, and my eyesight isn’t as bad while I write. Does that make me a romance writer? Does being able to land a plane on a flight simulator make me a pilot? Heavy sigh.

What am I? I’m struggling.

You know what? That’s a good thing. Struggling means I haven’t given up the fight. So yeah, I’m a struggling author. That’s me! That’s what kind of author I am! I bet I’m not alone.


The end of the world as we know it

A lot of people think the world will end in December of 2012, but I think the Mayan who made the calendar just ran out of space on the rock. That said, this is the end of MY world as I know it.

Why? I’ve paid actual real money for an online class to force me to end my drifting and commit to being a grown up, big girl panty wearing writer of blogs and books. I’m hoping the community will support me right out of my hermit cave and into returning the favor.

You know it would serve me right if the world ended in 2012. I shouldn’t have waited so long. What are you waiting for?